Delta Design


Delta Design is specialized in design and development of telecom modules like PSTN, ISDN, GSM for embedded application. We have a long experience in the design of modems and line interfaces for Set Top Boxes, Cash registers, Alarm systems, POS, Metering systems and several other applications. Our modem designs are used world wide and we obtained approval for our designs in several countries. We can offer our customers services from the very first idea, schematics, PCB designs, approval, compliance testing and coordination of production. Assembly is done by specialized subcontractors.


  • High speed modem design (V92)
  • Low speed modem design (V22bis)
  • World wide modem approvals
  • ISDN
  • GSM
  • General microcontroller based design


The SMD24XX MODEM MODULE is a complete modem module that meets global telephone line requirements. Available in a socket (64,5mm x 26,5mm) size footprint, the device is ideal for embedded modem applications due to its small board space, low power consumption and global compliance. The device is available in 5 different versions, ranging from V.92 down to V.22bis. The module allows you to reduce time to market by using a ready to use approved solution.

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